Mobility is a vital element of training that impacts the quality of your movement. The ability to move freely and pain-free relies on the muscles being able to perform within their range of motion, i.e. flexibility. Whilst mobility and flexibility aren’t the same, they go hand in hand in allowing the body to move without stress. CocoPro ambassador and movement specialist Harvey Lawton outlines common issues and provides a simple solution to tackle the problem.

Many of us are stuck in daily routines which may not be beneficial to our body (for example a desk job), but are unsure what to do to combat this hindrance on our mobility. The key is how you prioritise your time outside of the office.

You wake up in the morning and sit down to eat breakfast, you get on the train and sit down, you get to work and stay seated for a large proportion of the day. You then workout at the gym/participate in fitness classes or sport and expect to perform optimally – for your body to instantly ‘remember’ how to move by simply warming and limbering up.. Sound familiar?

As a result, many people suffer from injury niggles and aches which understandably can becoming increasingly frustrating. A regular, full body mobility routine will help to iron out ‘creases’ and enable you to step out of the office and into the gym/onto the pitch with ease.

The body will adapt to any position you put it in over an extended period of time, which often won’t be favourable. If your body lacks mobility it will likely compensate in other areas. Getting your body moving once or twice a day will go a long way in reversing this process. For example, a seated position creates a flexed position at the hip whereby the distance from the shoulders and knees is decreased, literally folding you in half. Staying in this position will adapt your musculature accordingly.

Simple mobility stretches such as the hip flexor stretch (or couch stretch) will help mobilise the muscles at the front of the hip which are continually being shortened.

Harvey demonstrates 4 simple mobility exercises in the video below, targeting the hips, back and shoulders. Incorporate this sequence of movements into your daily warm up to beat the ‘fold’.

For more mobility drills and programming, visit Harvey’s online training platform

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Personal Trainer & Mobility Specialist


Connect with Harvey Lawton

With a background in rugby and participation across most sports, Harvey now specialises in movement, mobility and performance, with a passion for anything that challenges the body. His main focus is how to get people moving optimally in order to achieve their goals.

Continually looking to expand his knowledge through learning, Harvey was recently certified in FRC to become a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), providing him with further techniques and principles to apply to clients.

Harvey has worked with a number of top athletes, including Paralympic T37 athlete Georgie Hermitage; double gold medal winner in Rio 2016 and world record holder in 100m, 200m and 400m.

Alongside his work as a personal trainer, Harvey foundedย The Movement Blueprint;ย an online platform offering 3 different training programmes dependent upon an individual’s needs and goals. Princples, Practice & Performance form a continuum, allowing people of all levels with a passion for fitness to structure their training correctly, whilst remaining both challenged and motivated.

‘Nutrition is a huge part of my life and I’m excited to be an ambassador for CocoPro. I’ll be supplying movement and mobility content for you to try!’

For regular training content to help improve your day-to-day mobility or beat the corporate desk ‘hunch’ follow Harvey on Instagram @harveylawtonptย or head over to his website.