With the popularity of functional group training continuing to grow, we caught up with UN1T Fulham’s head trainer Josh Cooper – to underpin his training ethos and learn just what it is that makes this London studio so addictive.

Josh has worked with a number of clients and in gyms around Cambridgeshire since 2011. “I have always enjoyed taking group sessions and also pushing individuals on a one-to-one basis. I thoroughly believe that you should always do what makes you happy, which is why I joined the UN1T team. I moved to London in October 2017 and found UN1T online – I really liked the We Train as One ethos and from the second I took a class I was hooked.” 


Team CocoPro are a big fan of the UN1T vibe and timetable but for anyone who hasn’t been down to one of your studios, what can they expect from a session with you and what is it that will make them want to come straight back?

If you haven’t been down to UN1T…why not? You can expect to join a community where the people are welcoming, and the classes challenge you but bring out the best of you. The sessions take you through a strength training programme on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, offering a scientific approach to obtaining great results as well as savage cardio sessions.


Tell us more about your classes..

Coming along to one of my classes, you can expect to be pushed in a friendly environment with careful emphasis on performing each move with great technique. Our classes are carefully created to allow you to train as a UN1T. During each exercise you stand side by side with your fellow athletes – you are all there to work together and achieve great things. Most importantly, each session is also suited for a beginner to work alongside a more experienced athlete, whilst ensuring both get the best workout.


How does UN1T differ from other group training studios?

We differ from other group training studios because of the attention we give to each athlete when they are training with us. We want to get to know you to allow us to get the best from you. Our strength training programme is individualised and therefore even whilst training as a group, you are lifting exactly what you need to lift to get the best results. When you train as a UN1T, you know exactly what you need to lift and how to lift it.


Are there any differences between your two London studios?

The main differences within the UN1T family are the people. Each trainer brings such a wealth of knowledge and personality to the team. So whether you train at the London Bridge or Fulham studio we can guarantee you will have an awesome experience.


We hear you’re running a 24 hour charity event! What exactly will this involve and can anyone sign up?

24 Hour Trooper is THIS FRIDAY! And it is going to be huge. Trooper is our signature cardio class and we are going to keep it running from 5pm on Friday 18th to 5pm on Saturday 19th May at our London Bridge studio. We need as many people to book in to as many sessions as possible to see us through this huge challenge. Anyone can book in via our website (www.un1t.com).

The event forms part of our ’12 challenges in 12 months’ that we as a UN1T are completing this year to raise money for charity. So please pop down and say hi, even if you can’t pledge any time on the floor!


What’s the future got in store for UN1T? Will there be more classes and more studios popping up soon?

Certainly big things coming for UN1T…we may even be testing a new cardio class today!


As a trainer, what motivates you every day?

I am motivated every day by lots of things, but the most rewarding feeling is seeing how happy a workout can make somebody. I always feel very privileged to have the opportunity to start somebody’s day and make them feel great, or turn around a bad day if they are coming to the studio in the evening for a session!


And lastly, in terms of nutrition, do you follow any particular plan? How do you ensure you get your daily protein fix?

I love food and like to eat a lot, so getting my protein fix is easy! I follow no particular plan I just eat lots of single ingredient foods and drink plenty of water. I like colourful plates of nutritious food! However, with busy days and not much time between sessions you can always squeeze in a shake or a CocoPro 😉


For more information about training at UN1T head over to their website.