CocoPro ambassador and fitness expert, Glenn Higgins, has created a series of workouts to target different areas of the body. Doing each workout throughout the week will ensure that you complete a total full body workout by the weekend.

This first workout targets the upper region of your body. Upper body workouts can help improve your posture, reduce risks of injury and ultimately build strength. Give this one a go to reap the benefits of working your back, biceps, triceps and more!

Click here to watch the full workout video!


Do 3 rounds of each section, with 90s rest between rounds.


1A – Dumbbell rows 10-12 reps
1B – Dumbbell bench press 10-12 reps
1C – Seated rows 10-12 reps


2A – Arnie presses 10-12 reps
2B – Dumbbell upright rows 10-12 reps


3A – Dumbbell curls 10-12 reps
3B – Lying dumbbell skull crushers 10-12 reps


4A – Dumbbell rear flyes 10-12 reps
4B – Cable chest flyes 10-12 reps

Click here to watch the full workout video!