On Saturday 9th June 2018 the first ever Turf Games Summer Festival took place at Rosslyn Park in Putney. Andy Manteit, co-founder of The Active Man / Active In Style and founder of the Turf Games, heroically coordinated 360 athletes, 500 spectators and 5 of London’s biggest gyms to deliver the competitive fitness event of the year.

CocoPro teamed up with Nike to sponsor a competing team; the mighty CocoBros. Donning our iconic target on their backs, CocoPro ambassador Harvey Lawton was joined by David Birtwistle, James Short, Jordan Shuttleworth and Adam Giles. With a blend of rugby, CrossFit, Royal Marines and functional training backgrounds, our 5-man squad looked strong upon entering the competition.

Arriving at Rossyln Park at 8am, the athletes were eager to see what the day had in store. Whilst the workouts had been released in the days before, the physical set-up and size of the arenas were only accessible to see in all their glory that morning. Where it was all about to kick-off..

Lined with foodie pop-ups, including the deliciously healthy Fresh Fitness Food and mouth-wateringly good Escape & Bake, music was pumping early doors at Rossyln Park from the resident DJs and the atmosphere was buzzing from the start. Adrenaline, excitement and ultimate team spirit.

There were three categories within the event; Men’s, Women’s and Mixed. The Men’s category was made up of 2 pools, with the CocoBros allocated to Pool A along with 8 other teams. Team Essence, captained by firefighter Lee Phillips and the prior Turf Games champions, were also in the same pool. With 9 teams also in pool B, and therefore 18 teams competing in the category in total, this meant there were 90 hungry-for-victory male athletes up for the challenge.

Each of the 18 male teams competed in 3 rounds, with a goal of finishing in the top 4 of each pool in order to see them through to the semi-finals. The first round for the CocoBros kicked off at 11am at the Core Collective arena, involving 3 workouts. Sprints, rowing, synchro squats, holding a barbell overhead and a watt bike thrown in..there wasn’t a muscle unused after round 1.

“When we started the Turf Games it was targeted towards elite athletes in the fitness industry, but we wanted to open it up to the whole public – everybody doing the same thing; from people who just go to the gym, fifty-year-olds, the world’s fittest fire fighter to CrossFit athletes..everyone doing the same workout, having fun and doing their best.” Andy Manteit, Founder of the Turf Games

Round 2 was next at the Gymbox arena. Workouts involved an assault bike, ski-erg, rowing, kettlebell box step-overs, rope climbs, medicine ball throws, synchro crunches and deadlifts.. An incredibly demanding cardio round! But the CocoBros put in another strong performance.

Going into round 3, the CocoBros were tied second in their pool. Hosted by Farm Fitness, the semi-final qualifying round was in no way going to be an easy win. Medicine ball throws, 100kg farmers walks, atlas stone carry, sled pushes, seated sled pulls, weighted squats and more on the assault bike saw each team member pull everything out the bag.

After a solid performance over the 3 qualifying rounds, the CocoBros were through to the semi-finals..

The semi-final saw the top 4 teams from each pool compete in a 6-minute workout at the Third Space arena. In pool A, the CocoBros were against Team Essence. In the previous Turf Games competition, Harvey and David’s team had gone head-to-head with this team in the Finals and narrowly missed out claiming the title.. Was it to be a repeat? Or with 3 new engines in the team could the CocoBros take the lead?

In a tense battle between the teams, the 10 athletes competed and gave everything across the various challenges: rope climbs, rowing, sled pulls, barbell clean and press, burpee box jumps, 100kg carry for 20m, max distance on the versa climber..

Unbelievably, the semi-final between the CocoBros and Team Essence ended in a draw, with both teams pulling exactly 1045ft on the final versa climber. This meant another workout..a tie-breaker challenge.

The tie-breaker was 750m on the ski-erg for time. With cheering crowds and each team member swapping in, the CocoBros managed to complete the distance in 2:00.4s – 1 second faster than their rivals Team Essence, seeing them through to the final!

The CocoBros were in the Finals!

The Men’s final was made up of 4 teams, 2 from each pool, competing in a savage 15-minute workout. The CocoBros were up against team Make It Hurt, team Foundry and team Pablo Chest to Bar. Utilising the full length of the pitch, the technical workout involved barbell thrusters, weighted basket carries, synchro burpees, the assault bike, rowing, box hurdles and sprints! Some serious programming to decipher just which team had the greatest strength. All teams delivered an incredible performance. It was Jordan who took the final leg of the sprints for the CocoBros and, to cheering and screaming spectators, managed to power over the finish line first. The CocoBros had just won the Turf Games!

After being crowned on the podium and spraying the crowds with champagne, the five guys regrouped to reflect on what an incredible result they had just achieved as a team.

“Each CocoBro gave everything. From communicating during workouts, boosting each other’s morale when it was seriously tough, to delivering huge performances – we covered it all. Positivity definitely drives performance. We created a team ethos and spirit based purely on hard work and commitment throughout each workout. We can’t wait for what’s next.” – Harvey Lawton, CocoPro Ambassador.

To see more of the CocoBro’s action at the event, head over to David Birtwistle‘s epic Turf Games vlog!

Images: @jonpaynephoto @turfgames #fortheathletewithin