James Fisher is a Personal Trainer in London, as well as Media Sales Director for LUUX Media. He currently teaches eleven boxing classes a week at Dog House fitness studio in Balham, as well as a number of private one-to-one clients. We spoke to James to find out more about what inspired him to become a PT, his outdoor bootcamp sessions and how his training for this year’s London Marathon is going so far.


What motivated you to first start Personal Training?

I was working at Men’s Health magazine two years ago, where I underwent a twelve week challenge for the publication with Rich Tidmarsh as my PT. Having seen the positive effect that this had on my mind and body, I wanted to be able to leave the same impression on other people. The power of exercise and nutrition really is amazing, so if I could help impact peoples lives in some way, I know that would make me feel great.

What can people expect from your Box class at Dog House?

I like to ensure my classes are always extremely high intensity with minimal rests. In a nutshell, it is a strong combination of boxing, cardio/bodyweight exercises and strength based work. The class environment is great because clients are so motivated to push themselves and achieve whatever I throw at them. Nothing is ever too much!

You also run outdoor bootcamps across London – tell us more?

I started my bootcamps last year and have been running them from Wandsworth Park, Notting Hill and West Hampstead. Typically, they will run from around May until the end of September. Again, high intensity with a combination of both bodyweight and weighted exercises. The beauty of being outside is that there is so much space to play with. So expect to run, crawl, chase med balls, agility ladders/hurdles, cone sprints and more.

You recently took part in a 24 hour cycle challenge for charity – what was the motivation behind this and how did you keep going?

My motivation for this was fundraising for my chosen London Marathon charity – Children with Cancer. It was completed by a team of seven, so the fact that everyone else was going was motivation in itself. There was also so much great support throughout the day from friends and family, which definitely helped.

So you’re running the London Marathon this year – how is training going?

So far, so good! I am struggling to get in as much training as I would like with work and other commitments, however I am managing to get one interval/speed run in during the week and a timed slower run at the weekend. I am currently up to two hours of consistent running, so plenty of time still to train before the big day and to hit that sub 3:30!

Favourite brand of trainers for running?

Without a doubt, Nike!

Marathon aside, what other goals/projects do you have in the pipeline for 2018?

I am currently working on an extremely high end fitness, health and wellbeing retreat business for the private and discerning individual. More to be revealed, so stay tuned.

And lastly, favourite food? Guilty as you like..

I have a huge sweet tooth, so any form of sweet..probably Maoams!


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