Forget the world around you, relax your eyes, run at night!

Modern lifestyles have changed dramatically over the years with people working much longer hours. This brings negativity to our wellbeing, induces stress, and doesn’t free up much time in our lives to lead a healthy lifestyle. Juggling long hours with a family, whilst attempting to achieve great running form is mind-boggling.


When mercury is rising, and summer periods roll into our lives, morning runs can be taxing, heat from the sun can be felt as early as 7am during the summer months! People who work out regularly, especially runners, endure some kind of difficulty whilst running in the sun.

Our running economy is altered and the workout becomes much harder and demanding. This can lead to severe dehydration, especially when our salt levels are dramatically depleted in these conditions. If you do choose to run in the sun, be prepared. Make sure you stay well hydrated throughout a vigorous session.


Summer evenings provide the perfect atmosphere to run at night; less traffic and a much cooler temperature makes it a much more comfortable experience.

Benefits of running at night include:

  1. People who exercise before bedtime have no trouble nodding off and often experience a deeper sleep
  2. Heading out the door for a run encourages you to ditch the TV at night
  3. Muscular function and strength peaks in the evening hours meaning you may be able to push yourself that little bit harder and for longer periods of time
  4. A good night’s rest following a workout can lead to calmer mornings, which is crucial for work demands
  5. If you are a working professional, you can reduce your morning rush by running at night. No need to rush through your morning run! A calmer morning can go a long way in setting the tone for the rest of the day

If you do decide to run in the dark, remember to carry a torch or headlamp with you and make sure you are visible to oncoming traffic. The brighter your clothes, the better!