This week LDN Brunch Club kick off their newest class in partnership with ETHOS, East London’s newest yoga fitness sanctuary.

Each Thursday, from 24 February 2017 for eight weeks, LDN Brunch Club will host a 5km social paced run from 18:30 followed by a one hour Elementals Flow hot yoga class with one of the ETHOS yoga instructors. The class will be suitable for all levels and you will be more than welcome to take rest whenever you need to.

The classes are usually £20 but for the eight week partnership will be reduced to £15 (using discount code: LBCandethos) which includes the run, yoga class, CocoPro, water, a towel and matt use. All you need to do is turn up!

Why hot yoga?

Regular practice of hot yoga can improve flexibility and build strength. It also allows for a great cardiovascular workout without the stress on the joints which comes from pounding the concrete whilst running.

It is recommended to incorporate some yoga and cross training as part of any endurance race training and these new sessions provide the perfect balance for someone training for a marathon.

How hot is hot? Is it Bikram yoga?

The sessions are flow yoga and the studio will be around 30 degrees. Bikram is usually slightly warmer around 35-40 degrees and often 90 minutes long.

How difficult is the yoga class?

The class is suitable for all levels, the heat will allow you to push yourself a little further but it’s still worth making sure you don’t over stretch. We recommend drinking some extra water throughout the day to get yourself ready to embrace the sweat! We’ll make sure you’re well hydrated with water after the run and CocoPro after the yoga session.

Why CocoPro?

CocoPro is the perfect recovery drink post workout to provide optimal hydration and assist with muscle repair. Each 330ml carton is packed with electrolytes, minerals and 20g of protein.

Find out more about the LDN brunch club and ETHOS collaboration which runs every Thursday from 23rd February 2017 to 20th April 2017 and book a session.