F45 Training: Team Training at it’s Best, by Amie Dawson

There aren’t many people that when you mention the words ‘F45’ don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re into fitness then chances are you’ve heard of it, with it’s unique approach making it one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world.

F45 brings together class-based HIIT and functional workouts to create high-intensity, circuit training with a group personal training approach. Classes at F45 last 45 minutes, if you hadn’t already guessed ;), and each day offers a different style of training; 3 days consist of cardio, 3 days of resistance and one day of their signature class, Hollywood, which combines both in a 1 hour workout.

All F45 classes operate in a circuit format and each class is never the same – F45 pride themselves on never offering the same workout twice. The amount of stations, work:rest periods and exercises differ in every workout to ensure variety is brought to every session. The real difference and what is rare in most, if not all, group classes is the personal touch from the coaches. Every F45 class has 2 dedicated personal trainers coaching the class. Each coach is there to guide, assist and be there for the members individually and as a group every step of the way. The coaches ensure each member is working to their full potential and performing exercises with correct form and technique.

From a coach’s point of view (being a coach myself at F45 Harrogate) the format, set-up and workouts offered really are like nothing I’ve ever come across before. As a coach I pride myself in being able to support and guide our members through every workout, pushing them to reach their goals and perform at their best; all with a smile of course.

The unique nature of F45 workouts and the ease of being able to follow each exercise brings people of all ages, gender and backgrounds together. It creates an incredible sense of community and you become part of something bigger than just exercise and fitness.

F45 isn’t a walk in the park and it never will be. The workouts and classes are programmed by an experienced team to ensure our members always leave feeling like they’ve given it their all and of course, wanting to come back for more.

Don’t just take my word for it though; here’s what a couple of our F45 Harrogate members have to say about it…

“F45 is one of the best forms of exercise I’ve ever done. I have found it the best way to challenge me personally and I’m really seeing physical and performance results. The format of the classes offer brilliant variety and the trainers keep it fun and friendly whilst driving me to improve and challenge myself through their passion for it and their advice. Training in a group means that I have made some great friends who encourage me to push myself too! I’ve certainly not looked back to the boring gym days and have mastered box jumps!”- Liz, F45 Harrogate member

“Each session is a challenge against myself and I have to say I don’t always push as hard as I could. But if we excel at everything the first time, where’s the growth in that? Love how this team of coaches and members pushes each other to a realm we never knew existed within us. F45 is fitness, community, encouragement, mentorship, and there is really nothing like it.”- Sara, F45 Harrogate member

If you’ve never tried an F45 class before I would highly recommend you give one a go. They have studios all over the world and this will only continue to grow.

There really isn’t anything like it 😉

CocoPro is currently stocked in the fridges at F45 Farringdon and F45 Vauxhall💧