Unfortunately, most of us who maintain an active lifestyle will have a sporting injury at some point, and for many of us it is more than just once. Injuries can be devastating to those who are consistently active and particularly those training for an event. The physical repercussions are usually apparent, but the emotional and psychological issues are often less obvious and just as important.

CocoPro ambassador, CrossFitter and trail runner Sophie Adams shares her advice on dealing with the subsequent physical and mental struggles during injury periods.

Coping with injury

Exercise gives many of us a release and when we are unable to carry out our usual routine, it can have a profound effect on our mental health, often resulting in a feeling of isolation, or depression. From my personal experiences here are some handy tips on mentally coping with an injury:

Maintaining fitness whilst injured

How can you maintain a level of fitness when you are sidelined? Here are some handy tips I have used to ensure I maintain fitness whilst being injured:

If you are currently injured, it is important to try to turn the negative into a positive. From every injury we learn from it, adapt and become stronger. Keep as active as you can through cross-training and maintain a strong mindset by creating your own feasible and motivating schedules.

About the Author

Ultra & Trail Runner

Connect with Sophie Adams

Sophie Adams is a London based trail and ultra marathon runner; as well as co-partner of the running community Wild Trail Runners.

Starting her journey as a track athlete and representing her local county at a young age, Sophie has now progressed into longer distance running and competing in various races across the world. She has recently competed in European races such as the Skyrunner World Series race Transvulcania, on La Palma Island, and Italy’s Sciacche Trail.

After transitioning to long distance, mountain running events Sophie also has a strong focus on strength conditioning and CrossFit endurance training.

Head over to Sophie’s blog to see her latest adventures.