Looking for the perfect fat blaster after your weight session, or wanting to mix up your workout? Try this simple (but far from easy) combo of battle rope exercises and burpees…it’s one to get your heart racing.

Battle ropes and burpees are two of the most beneficial, all over body exercises. They’re both great

calisthenics for burning fat, improving endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle strength.

Battle ropes are a brilliant upper body blaster, strengthening and toning the shoulders, whilst the combination of a push up and squat jump in a burpee creates a complete physical demand. Combining these two exercises together delivers an intense and sweaty workout, giving your whole body a serious fat blast.

How to do a burpee:

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms down by your side.
  2. Get down into a squat position, bend over and put your hands on the floor so they are outside of your feet.
  3. Jump your feet back so you’re now in a plank position.
  4. Jump your feet back in so they’re back in between you hands.
  5. Jump up in the air.
  6. Repeat.

The workout is performed in a pyramid style, one exercise after the other and can be completed in around 6 minutes. Get ready for the ultimate burpee challenge.

The workout..

Simply perform 20 battle rope slams followed by one burpee, then 20 battle rope slams followed by 2 burpees, 20 battle rope slams followed by 3 burpees etc. Carry on until you reach 10 burpees, with no rest! If you’re feeling super hard core go all the way to 15 burpees.

Try adding this pyramid to the end of your workout to give your body that extra push.