Animal Flow is a style of yoga that can help to improve mobility, strength, endurance and power. CocoPro ambassador, Rachel Thompson, has collated a beautiful series packed with a variety of moves. Adding simple moves to your warm up, active recovery or as a stand-alone flow can make a huge difference to your body. The following exercises are great for the core, whilst also engaging the legs and shoulders.


Part 1: Side Kick

  1. Start with the knees under the belly button, an inch off the floor.
  2. As you rotate, drop the supporting heel and kick.
  3. Repeat each side until full control is mastered.


Part 2: Crab Reach

  1. Corkscrew the supporting hand into the floor.
  2. Pull the shoulder back.
  3. Hit a 3 point bridge.
  4. Reach the travelling hand over the head.


You can now combine the moves you learnt in parts 1 and 2. Click here to see how this is done.


Part 3: Scorpion reach and front step combo

  1. Start and finish each movement in a loaded beast, with the knees just an inch from the floor and arms reaching forward.
  2. Try and find rotation at the top of the scorpion reach, engage the glutes and think about opening the hip.
  3. On the front step – take a nice big step so that the foot can replace the hand as you step forward, pulling your elbow into the side of your body.

Click here to see the full combination in video format.