Amie Forster is a passionate health and fitness blogger and enjoys a number of different types of exercise.  She explains the benefits of adding boxing into your fitness routine.

Boxing is a discipline that has recently become a lot more popular within the fitness industry and is being used regularly in workout regimes. Many people I follow on Instagram have taken to boxing and are raving about how much they enjoy it and how they plan to continue using it within their own workout routines. I have taken part in boxing classes and I can safely say I totally understand why people are loving it… 4 years since I started and I can definitely say it is one of, if not my favourite form of training.

Why start boxing?

Here are some reasons why I love it and why it is beneficial in training…

1. I’ll get started with the best one…its just plain fun!
Boxing doesn’t feel like a workout…you partner up, have a laugh and giggle and work on some badass combinations and moves. It’s addictive and no matter what level you are at you want to become better.

2. A great workout: 
Boxing is one of the toughest workouts there is. Every part of your body is used when boxing and it is great cardio, plain and simple. It’s important to incorporate cardio into your workout routines and boxing is definitely one of the best ways to do this.

3. Strengthen arms and legs:
Boxing involves repetitive, quick motions and as a result your arms and legs get stronger.

4. Great stress relief:
This is my favourite benefit. I do boxing on a Monday evening and for me this is the perfect day to do it as Mondays are usually stressful. Sparring with your partner or just getting your aggression out on a punch bag can make you feel 100 times better. Physical activity helps relieve stress whilst the focus on your movements when boxing helps you clear your mind.

5. Improved coordination:
Boxing isn’t just about hitting something, you have to know how and where to hit for maximum effectiveness. It simply comes down to the more you practice, the better you will get.

6. Self-defence:
Even though this isn’t the aim of boxing classes it’s like a little added bonus :). You become stronger, faster and more confident. As a result you are more likely to be confident enough to fight back if ever faced with an opponent.

So they are my reasons and why I think boxing is a great little workout to include into your training. If you haven’t tried it then why not find a boxercise class nearby or just have a go on the bag at the gym?! You will feel amazing for giving it a go and I can guarantee you will love it.