“New Year, New Me”, is the ever so popular phrase that comes around at the start of the year. Many people see the New Year as the perfect opportunity to refresh and reinvent their lives. Although you may choose not to make resolutions, new year goals, or big plans to change your lifestyle, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and celebrate your accomplishments and successes.

With that in mind, it is a popular time of year for people to set health and fitness related new year goals. The arrival of January sees a large increase in the number of people attending the gym and fitness classes. It’s great to see people aspiring to become fit and healthy, but unfortunately it is all too common to drop out of a new healthy routine by the end of January. The main reason for this? We are asking and expecting too much of ourselves. Most people starting on a new fitness journey set one or two massive new year goals that are simply too ambitious and unachievable.

In order to counteract this problem, CocoPro ambassador and health and fitness blogger Amie Forster has shared her top tips on setting goals and successfully implementing lifestyle changes.

1. Be Realistic with your New Year Goals

There is a tendency to set goals that are far too big. Goals need to be small, specific and most importantly achievable! Most of us would love to look like that famous actor or actress but this simply isn’t going to happen. The smaller and more realistic the goals are, the easier and quicker they are to achieve. You will feel amazing for reaching your mini goals which will give you the boost to carry on and smash the bigger goals!

2. Make healthy living a habit

Make exercise and eating well a habit. There is nothing worse than working super hard for a month, achieving your goals and then giving up. Before you know it you are back to square one. Exercise and healthy living should fit into your weekly routine. Plan your workouts for the week, do your shopping at the weekend and be prepared for the week ahead.

3. Tell others your New Year Goals

Telling others your new year goals can be a little daunting, but telling other people will hold you accountable. You are more likely to stick to your goals because you know people will be waiting to see the results. You may also be surprised how many of these people will either join you or encourage you in your journey.

4. Reward Yourself

Positive reinforcement is important. Lost that first 5lbs? You should be very proud! Obviously I wouldn’t advise rewarding yourself with 10 cookies but reward yourself with something that will encourage you to continue your journey. Maybe there is a new pair of trainers you’ve had your eye on for a while?

5. Don’t get sucked in

My final tip is a piece of advice – don’t get sucked in! Social media can act as a great platform for motivation and support for those on a health and fitness journey but it can also encourage unrealistic expectations. You must work on becoming the best version of you, because that is the most beautiful!

Setting new year goals will motivate you into taking action. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish and set some goals that matter to you. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!