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Melanie Moore

Fitness Blogger

Connect with Melanie Moore

Growing up in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean has always given Melanie a long love for the ocean and her surroundings; a true island girl at heart! Upon moving to the United Kingdom in 2013, her underlying passion for health and fitness was ignited, along with the desire to educate younger generations.

With such high aspirations and the drive to succeed, Melanie wanted to share her fitness journey with others, especially to encourage women to love their body and possess greater self-confidence in their own skin. Melanie feels that an increase in social media has led to a lot of women feeling pressurised by the appearance of others to have a certain physique and look a certain way. Thus, she aims to break this stigma by encouraging women to uplift one another and work together. As such, she decided to create a platform for herself, establishing her fitness blog. Melanie balances running her blog part-time with her studies, engaging in motivational talks and volunteering in the local community; all whilst ensuring she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

As a vegetarian, Melanie is always eager to engage with brands that promote the use of natural products. So, the idea of incorporating coconut, a personal favourite snack from Melanie’s childhood and Caribbean roots, into a recovery drink, was a fantastic concept. Therefore, becoming a CocoPro ambassador only seemed fitting, allowing her to promote a brand that aims to achieve the same healthy philosophy that she reflects through her lifestyle.